Russian Mufti Calls For All Women To Be Subjected to Genital Mutilation To “Reduce Lechery”

The Mufti’s proclamation is not as “shocking” as the Priest who goes along with him. FGM is evidently a tradition in Islam but to bring it over to Christianity and to all other women, in the Priest’s opinion, is dangerous. If they were to try to carry this out, I wonder how the Russian women will react – I bet they will fight back!


150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenIsmail Berdiyev, a leading mufti from Russia’s North Caucasus region, has called for the universal use of clitoridectomy, or female genital mutilation, for “all women to reduce lechery” and “sexuality.” The shocking and disgusting proclamation by Berdiyev is magnified by the the supportive public statement by a senior priest in the Russian Orthodox Church, Vsevolod Chaplin, who wrote on Facebook: “My sympathies for the mufti. I hope he doesn’t retreat from his position because of the howls and hysterics which will start now.”

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A Victory Tax for Our U. S. Champions?


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The United States government taxing our Olympics champions for winning?

Sounds like a joke, but it is true!

The IRS considers winning Olympic gold, silver, or bronze the same as winning in a casino?!  So it taxes our champions based on the scrap value of the metal.

We do have bipartisonship to overturn the IRS regulations on this, however.  Senators Chuck Schumer (D, NY) and Marco Rubio (R, Fl) are both opposed to this policy.

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The News Is Not the News Anymore: Don’t Believe What You Hear Or See About Trump



The drive by media has gone over the edge into total corruption and yellow journalism.  They are not even pretending anymore to be anything other than propaganda instruments to promote Hillary while destroying Donald Trump.

In the past week alone, the media made up stories about Trump dropping out of the race and kicking out a mother and her baby.  Meanwhile, the same media ignore Hillary’s brain “short circuit!”

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Tenth Circuit Rules Officials Were Justified In Arresting and Criminally Charging 13-Year-Old For Burping In Class


This is disgusting. I pray that this child heals from this trauma. What ever happened to just sending the kid to the principal’s office and calling his parents?


300px-US-CourtOfAppeals-10thCircuit-Seal1We have been discussing the trend toward suspending and expelling students (and teachers) for comments that they make on social media (here and here and here and here and here and here and here). Teachers and administrators have been criminalizing juvenile conduct rather than dealing with such issues with the students and their teachers. Now the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has issued an opinion upholding one of the most ridiculous examples of the criminalization of our schools. The Tenth Circuit said that Albuquerque school officials and police were justified in ordering the arrest of 13-year-old boy who was burping in class. The Tenth Circuit ruled that the school officials and police officer were entitled to immunity for their excessive response to what was at worst a class clown.

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Bernie Sanders Quits Dems, Say DWS Firing Not Enough


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On the heels of the DNC’s email leaks and Hillary’s official candidacy, Senator Bernie Sanders says he will return to finish his Senate term as an Independent, not a Democrat.  Sanders who was an Independent for most of his political career, became a Democrat only to run for President.  Regarding his failed candidacy that was sabotaged from the inside by DNC officials, Sanders called for “new leadership” saying that the self-firing of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “doesn’t go far enough,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Do you buy this?  I don’t!

Bernie Sanders cut a deal with the Dems to end his do-nothing career with natioanl attention.  He had no intention of actually becoming their candidate or President for that matter.  What he did is spin up a lot of people, especially those younger and more idealistic, to get on board with the party of Hillary and Bill, something they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in.  To boot, Bernie handed over hundreds of thousands of small-donor ($27) names of the these individuals to Hillary’s camp.  Those folks were used and that’s a shame.

Read more here:  Bernie Sanders to Return to Senate as an Independent – Washington Wire – WSJ

Wasserman-Schultz Out As DNC Chair But Will Have “Thank You” Role in Clinton Campaign


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Wow, and we thought the Republican Convention started in chaos?!

Yesterday, on the brink of the Dem’s nominating farce, otherwise known as their convention, the DNC announced that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will be stepping down as chairperson.  This comes after thousands of emails were leaked proving collusion between the Clinton campaign and the party’s committee.  This was something  former candidate Bernie Sanders had been claiming all along even though, during primary season, Debbie W-S insisted she was following the rules and remaining impartial.  We now know DWS was lying, these emails prove it!

As a “thank you” gift, Hillary named Wasserman-Schultz her honorary chair for her campaign.

Wow, this is corruption to the extreme!  Even though I don’t expect any formal charges or prosecution, I do wonder how the voters will take this?

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign as DNC Chairperson

Wow, can you say corruption?!

America's Watchtower

  In the wake of the email scandal which proved that Bernie Sanders was right about the Democratic National Committee conspiring against him, and on the heels of the news that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would not be speaking at or running the Democratic convention, we are now learning that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is going to resign as head of the DNC after the Democratic Convention.

  Here is more:

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz issued a statement Sunday saying she plans to resign after the Democratic National Convention concludes, according to reports.

Wasserman-Schultz came under heavy fire after an enormous series of damaging leaks helped to reveal what many in the Democratic base suspected: She had rigged the primary for a Hillary Clinton win.

  I just have one piece of advice which comes from a woman in the know:


malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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Cruz’s Excuse For Violating Pledge Doesn’t Wash


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Ted Cruz drew boos from the delegates last night when he refused to endorse Donald Trump.  By refusing to back Trump, and implying that he would instead vote for Hillary, Cruz violated a pledge that all GOP candidates took to support the official nominee no matter who that was.

It wasn’t until this morning, at the Texas delegation breakfast, that Ted Cruz came out with why he refuses to endorse Trump.  Under intense questioning from delegates Cruz said that his pledge was “abrogated” when Trump criticized his wife and father.

This excuse doesn’t wash.  If Cruz felt that strongly, then Cruz should have said that he is repealing his pledge during the campaign, before he dropped out.  It might have made a difference if he would have, at that time, said that he could not support someone who “attacked” his wife and father.  To do it after Trump gets the official nomination is too late and below the belt.

Cruz also mentioned this morning that, while he will not vote for Trump, he will not vote for Hillary either.  He could have said that during his speech last night too but instead left it unsaid.

Cruz might be standing on principles.  Or, he could be betting his career on Trump possibly losing in November and then coming off the GOP hero with “I told you so.”  Who knows?

But either way, Cruz comes off in very bad taste and with a taint of cruelty and deception.  He is not someone who works well with others and is in no way a team player.  Cruz appears, after last night, to be for Cruz, and no one or nothing else.  Perhaps even his staunchest supporters are beginning to see the real man behind the mask!

Trump Over the Top on First Ballot


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The drive-by media and talking heads said it couldn’t be done!  They said Trump didn’t know what he was doing and the he wouldn’t be able to get the nomination on the first ballot; that his supporters were wasting their time.

Well, once again Trump proved the “experts” wrong.

Last night, early in the evening, Donald J. Trump went over the top and is now the official GOP candidate for President of the United States.

In the roll call of the States, Pennsylvania deferred to New York so that Donald Trump, Jr. could announce the delegate votes, putting his father over the top.

So far, Donald Trump has proved himself correct over the pundits every single time.  This is something, perhaps, that we should be thinking about as we approach the elections in November:  if Trump knows what he is doing now, he will also know how to bring our country back to success.

Accusations of Plagiarism Ridiculous


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Is that all the Dems have?

After Rudy’s barnburner last night, all the Dems can come up with today are accusations that Melania Trump stole part of her speech from Michelle Obama!?


The accusation comes from the phrase:  “Your word is your bond,” which Melania said her parents taught her; to work hard and keep your word.  Good advice that many of us heard as kids and have also passed onto our own children.

Michelle Obama, no doubt, was probably taught the same thing when she was young, and said relayed that in a speech a few years ago.  So what?

Is it plagiarism?  Did she steal it from Michelle?

No.  Here’s why:

Plagiarism, defined by Merriam-Webster, is “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.”

Melania could not have stolen from Michelle because these words come neither from Michelle nor Melania.  “Your word is your bond” could be considered part of the common lexicon; good words of advice passed on from generation to generation on how to live with honor.  But more than that, the phrase “Your word is your bond” actually has its origins farther back than Michelle Obama (or Melania Trump, for that matter).

The London Stock Exchange, founded in 1801 (that’s 215 years ago!) has the motto (in Latin) “Dictum Meum Pactum” meaning in English “My word is my bond.”

Melvyn Douglas, an American actor (1901 -1981), is quoted as saying, “Your word is your bond.”

This plagiarism charge is nothing more than a distraction to try and take away momentum from Trump and the GOP.  And so far, at least if you are watching Fox News, some conservatives are taking the bait and caving in, quetioning Melania’s honesty.

Here’s something to think about:  Why should anyone make a big deal about a few words from a speech from a condidate’s wife when, on the other side, one the candidates herself was given a free pass after she jeopardized our national security?!


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