Goodbye Della Reese


Della Reese

By Gale Agency, Inc. (management company) (eBay item photo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Della Reese, an iconic performer whose career spanned over 60 years, died today.  She was 86 and passed quietly at her home in California.

Della Reese’s accomplishments and talent were widespread.  Although many may know her only for her beloved TV role of Tess in “Touched by an Angel,” Della Reese was also a star in movies, a top-ten recording artist, a TV actress and host, and a voice artist for Hanna-Barbera animation.  Della Reese also was the first African American woman to guest host “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.”  In addition to her accomplished career in entertainment, Della Reese was also an ordained minister.

Born Delloreese Patricia Early in 1931, Della Reese shortened her name to Della Reese while performing in nightclubs.

Della, thank you for your inspiring life.  You will be missed!

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Keystone Oil Spill: Is This the Future for America’s Heartland?


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Coming just days before Nebraska officials decide whether or not to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, a section of the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota burst a leak.  Imagine this hard to clean up oil covering the Cornhusker State’s cornfields?

The spill in South Dakota comes just days before Nebraska regulators will decide on a permit needed for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline


House Passes Tax Bill But Will It Clear the Senate?

Paul Ryan and his Republicans managed to pass the tax bill today.  But their post-vote celebration may be too early because it still has get by the Senate with a narrow margin of only 2 votes.

No matter what you’ve heard about lower tax rates (or no taxes at all), don’t believe that these guys are really working for you, because they’re not.  This bill, if passed by both Houses and signed into law by Trump, will benefit the super rich only!

While tax rate cuts for the super rich remain permanent, forever, the rate cuts for everyone else phase out within a few years.  In addition, in order to benefit the rich, the House bill eliminates deductions for mortgage interest and tuition interest.  It also stops deductions for teachers who use their own money to purchase school supplies for their classes.  And if your employer pays your school tuition for you, you will taxed as income for that amount.

The Senate can only lose 2 votes.  I hope the Senate does its job for the American people, not the special interests, and votes this bill down.

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Trump Tweets Bans Transgender From U.S. Military


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In a series of morning Tweets, President Trump announced that transgender people are banned from the military.  No matter how you feel about LGBTQ, here is what is wrong with Trump’s doing this:

  1. First of all, no ONE PERSON should have the authority to make decisions of military policy.  We are still a democratic republic and not ruled by a king or tyrant.
  2. The fact that Congress ceded their authority to the Executive opened the door wide open for this to happen.
  3. Trump is using social media to create policy.  How long are members of his own party in Congress going to cower in fear?
  4. If Trump succeeds in getting away with banning members of the LGBTQ community, who’s next?  Consider the history of tyrants and you will understand that tyrants start with one group and continue until no one is left.

It is time for Congress to do its job and take back its power as a co-equal branch of government.  Republicans, Democrats, Independents, everyone in Congress must join together now, for the sake of the Country!

Source: Trump: U.S. military won’t allow transgender people ‘to serve in any capacity’ [Video]

UK cyber analyst: I was recruited by Trump campaign to collude on hack

Smith was very well connected with Flynn and other highly placed persons in the Trump campaign, according to Tait, and frequently revealed intimate details of conversations and thinking of Flynn and the campaign that he could not have gotten otherwise.

Source: UK cyber analyst: I was recruited by Trump campaign to collude on hack

“Earned the Right” to Free Speech?


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Watch Video: Meet the Press May 14, 2017

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Secretary of State (and former Exxon CEO) showed just how much disdain Trump and his Oligarchy have for the American People and our Constitution.
Asked by host Chuck Todd to respond to a comment by Senator John McCain (R, Arizona), Tillerson said this:

If any has earned the Right to express their views, Senator McCain has…

Earned the Right?

The Right to express one’s views is not a Right to earn!  It is The First Amendment and is therefore unalienable, that is, it is inherent in humankind, not granted or created by Government (or its Agents like the Secretary of State), but secured for us by our law, the Constitution of the United States.

Senator McCain, a Vietnam Veteran, former POW, and hands-down, a war hero, has certainly earned respect in his Service to this Country, but Senator McCain, like the rest of us, was born with the right to express his views.  Guaranteed to all Americans, no matter what.  We don’t have to earn free speech, we have it.

I am surprised that no one in the Sunday cacophony of political media has addressed Tillerson’s remarks.

Certainly, Tillerson might be patronizing “The Maverick” McCain (who is getting back to being a maverick again), but he is also disdaining the rest of us by implying that he, or Trump, or any of the others in the corrupt Administration think they have the power over us and our views.

To that, I say, Hah, oh no you don’t!

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Conservatives’ Disgusting Response to Jimmy Kimmel


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We already know the hatred that Trump stirred up in this country when it comes to race, gender, and religion.  But, come on, how can anyone, I mean anyone in this country, NOT feel compassion when it comes to a child?

Judging from the response to Jimmy Kimmel’s on-air disclosure about his son, conservative right-wing media and politicians are just as hateful to a newborn baby and his parents as to anyone else that isn’t them!

Calling Kimmel “you elitist creep” and telling him to “shut your fat trap” is just one example of the response from the Right’s leadership.

A right-wing lawmaker says a newborn baby’s life hanging in the balance doesn’t “obligate” him to help that baby!  Really?!

Those on the right who still do believe in the Bible’s instruction to love and take care of the “very least” of us should be appalled at their leadership right now.  Especially as their lawmakers stand on the brink of stripping away life-saving healthcare from those most in need if they pass Trumpcare.




Corrupt:  Trump Admin Officials Were Setting Up “Back Channel” With Putin Even Before Inauguration


Erik Prince
The Washington Post is reporting that Blackwater founder Erik Prince, a top supporter of President Trump, met with a confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin nine days before Trump was inaugurated.  The meeting was to set up as a “back channel” between Putin and the incoming President Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Why is this important?

Because it shows that Trump – or at least those close to him who are now in his administration – were associated with or attempting to broker deals with Russia even before Trump was sworn into office.

Who is Prince and what is his association with the Trump Administration?

Prince is infamous for his ownership of Blackwater, a company guilty of abuse and corruption during the Iraq War.  (Blackwater guards were convicted in killing innocent Iraqi civilians in 2007.)

But this doesn’t seem to matter to Trump.  Prince is close to Presidential counselor Stephen K. Bannon.  Also, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is Prince’s sister!

Prince has not made a secret of his love and support for Donald Trump.  He donated a quarter of a million dollars after the Republican Convention to get him elected!

I know that I said in an earlier post (Is It Time to Come Together?) that we should give the incoming President and his administration a chance.

Well, chance has been given!

It is now becoming crystal clear that Trump and his inner circle have not been on the level with the American People.  At best, Trump is what Marco Rubio called him, a con artist.  At worst, Trump and his people could turn out to be actors and agents of a foreign power that does not have our best interests, Trump acting either consciously or out of pure greed and power.

Either way, best or worse, it is now time for all of us to keep a close eye on this White House.  Much worse than the Nixon Administration Watergate, the Trump Administration could well threaten our very core or nation and our security!

Source: Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel – The Washington Post