New York Times Video Reveals They Droned the Wrong Guy


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The New York Times is reporting that the U. S. most likely got the wrong guy in the drone strike it carried out shortly before leaving Afghanistan. The result of extensive investigation using security camera footage and input from experts, it appears that the United States military, authorized by President Biden, tracked the wrong person. Watch the video for yourself below.

Words Matter: Holding Larry Elder Accountable


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Although I do not agree with “got you moments” in political campaigns where the opponent catches his or her rival by quoting something they said decades ago, this is not the case when it comes to Larry Elder who is attempting to unseat California Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election.

Elder, a Fox News favorite and all-around mouthpiece for the far right, is claiming that Democrats are “distorting” what he wrote in a 2000 article that women are less intelligent than men concerning politics and economics, thereby making them better voters for Democrats, according to Newsweek.

The problem for Elder is that there is no distortion. He actually did say that “women know less that men.”

Here is the quote from the May 5, 2000 article in Capitalism Magazine, Democrats and the “She” Vote by Larry Elder:

“Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events. Good news for Democrats, bad news for Republicans. For the less one knows, the easier the manipulation.”

Democrats and the “She” Vote by Larry Elder

Read the article for yourself. There is more, including Elder later doubling down, using a study that female voters are “more ignorant than men, irrespective of age, race, income, education, marital status, or party identification! Why? Women, more so than men, get their news from local television.”

California voters will have to decide how relevant Elder’s views about women are.

North Carolina Town Buried Thousands of Documents to Hide Discriminatory Practices: Lawsuit


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Lucama Post Office

The small town of Lucama, North Carolina, literally buried in the ground thousand of records to hide discriminatory practices by town officials against black residents.

According to Newsweek:

The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina, states that Uzzell and three other residents of the town “were subjected to discriminatory and unconstitutional treatment by the Town of Lucama because of their race or color and/or or their opposition to race and color and other impermissible kinds of discrimination and unconstitutional treatment.”

Lucama is a very small town located south-southeast of Raleigh, its population, as of 2010, is 1108.

Source: North Carolina Town Buried Thousands of Documents to Hide Discriminatory Practices: Lawsuit

Pillow Guy Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” Goes Belly Up


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It was supposed to be a 72-hour live streaming event to blow the wheels off the Biden Administration and reinstall Trump in the White House.

But, like most other things Trumpian, it didn’t work out that way.

Claiming he was hacked, the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell says he will put the event on hold.

His announcement to postpone the event comes days after Lindell pulled his pillow ads from Fox News because the media company refused to air his infomercial reigniting the false claims that the 2020 election results were stolen.

Lindell’s efforts to stir up that mess again essentially boils down to a business move on his part because he is launching his own streaming platform.

An over-the-top Trump supporter, Lindell was campaign chair for Minnesota, the Trumpian’s home state. You will also remember that Lindell visited the Trump White House to support Trump’s efforts to overthrow the election AFTER the 1-6 riot.

Although Lindell’s actions are probably all about the money for himself, his behavior is dangerous and irresponsible (he is putting is pillow company and every employee who works there at risk).

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Cuomo Is Out


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New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned today after the realization finally hit him that he will be impeached and forced from office. His resignation will take place in 14 days.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will become New York’s first women to serve the state.

Amid a “growing chorus” of Democrats demanding he resign, Cuomo faced the fact that he is now “out of options,” according to MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace. (Could one member of the “chorus” be President Biden?)

To add insult to injury, Cuomo’s step-down announcement included an “apology” to the women he violated. While not exactly admitting guilt, he explained his behavior as somehow being out of time, as though what used to be okay is now wrong.

Hey Andrew, what you did has always been wrong! The only difference is that now offenders are getting caught and being held accountable.

Stepping down will not stop the investigations into Cuomo.

Cuomo became the 56th Governor of New York in January, 2011, having previously served as Attorney General of New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Photo:  Wikipedia
Photos from the opening of the new Delta Air Lines terminal in LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY, on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019. (Chris Rank for Rank Studios) (Photos from the opening of the new Delta Air Lines terminal in LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY, o

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After the shock and outrage last Saturday when the leader of Proud Boys Tweeted that he had been invited to the White House, the group is now doubling down by claiming that it’s no big deal because they have had a “member” there for the last four years!

According to a Newsweek article posted today,

The message appears to be a thinly-veiled reference to Donald Trump, who was heavily criticized in September after he failed to denounce the group during the televised presidential debate and instead told them to “stand back and stand by.”

The Proud Boys are an extremist group who advocate violence and racism, and who should be declared domestic terrorists.

As for what actually happened last Saturday, the truth, like all other things Trump, is what you want to believe.

The White House officially says that the Proud Boys leader was part of public tour group and that the photo he Tweeted was one any tourist could’ve taken with the building behind him.  They claim he was not invited by Trump and did not have any interaction with him.

The Proud Boys got away with a pro-Trump rally in DC last Saturday that quickly degenerated into violence.  Multiple people were stabbed.

I am hoping that the new Administration will take action against groups like Proud Boys and recognize the for what they are: THEY ARE TERRORISTS.  This is not a First Amendment issue:  these people violate, and INTEND to violate, the Rights of everyone else.  They must be declared terrorists and prosecuted as such!


BREAKING: AG Bill Barr Resigns

Trump won’t have Attorney General Bill Barr to kick around anymore!

William Barr

This happens as Trump’s meltdown intensifies over his loss to Joe Biden.

Barr has been a lackey for Trump up to now, but in appearance only. Barr has hesitated to utterly break the law.

But now that the stuff is about to the fan because Biden is the certified winner (by the electoral votes today) and because Trump’s days are numbered, Barr is out. He evidently had his resignation letter waiting and released it within minutes of Biden’s certified electoral win.

Trump is growing more and more deranged, threatening mass pardons for himself and family members, demanding that Congress and the Courts overturn the election. And most importantly, inciting dangerous fringe groups to go to battle for him.

No telling what crazy scheme Trump wanted to Barr to carry out. But Barr is having none of it.

I predicted this would happen as the Trump days of power and control come to an end. He will wind up isolated and alone as more supporters break free of him. It’s sad to witness a total meltdown of anyone, including Trump, but this guy has hurt a lot of people and has never been fit for the office he still occupies.

One more thing that should happen soon (I hope): that Trump’s social media accounts be suspended or shut down. Here’s why:

As Trump continues to degenerate into utter insanity, he will become more dangerous. Social media gives him a loud voice to stir up other deranged individuals. For our safety and security, that means of communicating with the fringe needs to be stopped before something terrible and irreversible happens.

Trump-Supporting Virus-Denying Pastor Among First to Die of COVID-19 in Virginia


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He used his pulpit as a weapon denying science and reason.  Insisting that coronavirus was nothing more than “mass hysteria” that will “come and go.”  He worked his flock to accept the delusion that the pandemic was a media tool to bring down Trump…

But now this pastor is dead.  He was one of the first in Virginia to succumb to the virus he denied.  Read more here.

Source: The Wages of Delusion; Virus Denying Pastor Dies Of COVID-19 – The Age of Blasphemy

Looks Like Dems’ Plans to Remove Trump Are Backfiring

With some Democratic members of Congress like Maxine Waters (D-CA) demanding that if one impeachment doesn’t work, then “We will not stop” and just keep on impeaching until we get him, they ruin any appearance of credibility.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held onto the Articles of Impeachment for nearly a month before sending them across the Capitol to the Senate. This after rushing the vote to impeach with concerns of national security. Huh? Hurry up to wait?

And then there’s the Articles of Impeachment. What do they mean? For two years, we heard about “conspiracy” and “bribery” and of course “collusion.” But yet, not one of those words is mentioned in the Articles against Trump. Furthermore, neither of these two Articles of Impeachment has a crime behind it. They are nothing and mean nothing.

So far, the Democrats are failing the credibility test. And it seems as if there is something else going on here than mere Constitutional duty of Congress to oversee the Executive. Perhaps this Impeachment is no more than a media circus to influence the public to win back the Senate and White House this year.

But then again, could it be a wider conspiracy? Dare say a “coup” even? Check out what RealClearInvestigations turned up covered by The Foxhole:

Is This It?



You kind of knew that there was something different happening when you first heard about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.  But we have had so many false starts that most of us are hesitant to get our hopes up that anything will happen before the Fall of 2020.

Now, however, after over two and a half years of this guy, the END may be in sight!

The holdout of course has been Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has aggressively refused, up until this week, to even consider impeachment or even impeachment inquiry.

Everything changed with the whistle blower.  (And thank you, whoever you are.  We, the American People, are fortunate that there are still brave souls like you who do the right thing in the face of corruption!)

I don’t see the Republicans holding out much longer.  Cracks are beginning, at least with a couple of governors.  And no House or Senate Republican has actually defended the actions of Trump (they are all smart enough politicians to not go down with him).

My only concern is timing:  Pelosi and the House Committees must move in swiftly and relentlessly!

Trump has, in the past, gotten ahead of those who wanted to stop his corruption.  He did it in New York and, until now, has done it in the White House.

The reason Trump has sidestepped being stopped up until now is his extraordinary manipulation of the media.

Give Trump enough time, and he will spin a story to turn it around on his detractors.  Unfortunately, the media has their cameras and microphones there every time Trump opens up his lying mouth!

It seems that Pelosi and the House Democrats understand this.  That time is of the essence and that this is deadly serious, not a political game.

But the news media now must also be responsible.  It’s not about ratings or sensationalism.  This time it’s about our very way of life.  And the news media must do its job:  cover the news!

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