Trump-Supporting Virus-Denying Pastor Among First to Die of COVID-19 in Virginia


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He used his pulpit as a weapon denying science and reason.  Insisting that coronavirus was nothing more than “mass hysteria” that will “come and go.”  He worked his flock to accept the delusion that the pandemic was a media tool to bring down Trump…

But now this pastor is dead.  He was one of the first in Virginia to succumb to the virus he denied.  Read more here.

Source: The Wages of Delusion; Virus Denying Pastor Dies Of COVID-19 – The Age of Blasphemy

Looks Like Dems’ Plans to Remove Trump Are Backfiring

With some Democratic members of Congress like Maxine Waters (D-CA) demanding that if one impeachment doesn’t work, then “We will not stop” and just keep on impeaching until we get him, they ruin any appearance of credibility.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held onto the Articles of Impeachment for nearly a month before sending them across the Capitol to the Senate. This after rushing the vote to impeach with concerns of national security. Huh? Hurry up to wait?

And then there’s the Articles of Impeachment. What do they mean? For two years, we heard about “conspiracy” and “bribery” and of course “collusion.” But yet, not one of those words is mentioned in the Articles against Trump. Furthermore, neither of these two Articles of Impeachment has a crime behind it. They are nothing and mean nothing.

So far, the Democrats are failing the credibility test. And it seems as if there is something else going on here than mere Constitutional duty of Congress to oversee the Executive. Perhaps this Impeachment is no more than a media circus to influence the public to win back the Senate and White House this year.

But then again, could it be a wider conspiracy? Dare say a “coup” even? Check out what RealClearInvestigations turned up covered by The Foxhole:

Is This It?



You kind of knew that there was something different happening when you first heard about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.  But we have had so many false starts that most of us are hesitant to get our hopes up that anything will happen before the Fall of 2020.

Now, however, after over two and a half years of this guy, the END may be in sight!

The holdout of course has been Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has aggressively refused, up until this week, to even consider impeachment or even impeachment inquiry.

Everything changed with the whistle blower.  (And thank you, whoever you are.  We, the American People, are fortunate that there are still brave souls like you who do the right thing in the face of corruption!)

I don’t see the Republicans holding out much longer.  Cracks are beginning, at least with a couple of governors.  And no House or Senate Republican has actually defended the actions of Trump (they are all smart enough politicians to not go down with him).

My only concern is timing:  Pelosi and the House Committees must move in swiftly and relentlessly!

Trump has, in the past, gotten ahead of those who wanted to stop his corruption.  He did it in New York and, until now, has done it in the White House.

The reason Trump has sidestepped being stopped up until now is his extraordinary manipulation of the media.

Give Trump enough time, and he will spin a story to turn it around on his detractors.  Unfortunately, the media has their cameras and microphones there every time Trump opens up his lying mouth!

It seems that Pelosi and the House Democrats understand this.  That time is of the essence and that this is deadly serious, not a political game.

But the news media now must also be responsible.  It’s not about ratings or sensationalism.  This time it’s about our very way of life.  And the news media must do its job:  cover the news!

Keep up with fast-moving coverage:  Google News: Trump Impeachment

Joe Just Being Joe


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Reports that some Dems are “nervous” about Joe Biden’s flub-ups this weekend are over reactive.  Joe has a long history of speaking before his brain catches up.  It has nothing to do with his age:  rather, it’s more that Joe just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.  And also he has, at least up to this point, built a successful career on meaningless rhetoric and sympathetic-sounding platitudes.  Will he make a good Democratic candidate for Pres if he were to win the nomination?  Up against Trump, he’s far better even with the gaffes, in my opinion.  But read the following article about what Joe did this weekend to see if you feel the same:

Source: Iowa Democrats Are Getting Nervous About Biden’s Trail of Gaffes – VICE News

Puerto Rico Ousts Corrupt Leader: Can We Do the Same?

After days of peaceful, but noisy protests, Puerto Rico’s governor resigned amid scandal, corruption, and disgusting tweets.  Even though the governor resisted, the people of Puerto Rico persevered and ultimately prevailed.  Demonstrators refused to go away; marching, chanting, effectively shutting the island down.

Can we learn a lesson from the people of Puerto Rico in persistence to rid ourselves of corrupt leaders?  After yesterday’s dud on the Hill with Mueller, maybe it’s time to march; peacefully.

Was Yesterday Too Much for Sarah Sanders?


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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will leave Trump at the end of the month and head back to her home state of Arkansas.  Perhaps it is yesterday’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that is finally too much for Sarah?

Watch yesterday’s interview:

Read more about Sarah Sanders’ departure:

Trump Admin Renames Natural Gas to “Freedom Gas”


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From Mother Jones:

The Trump administration has rebranded natural gas with a new, patriotic-sounding name: “freedom gas.” In a Department of Energy press release on Tuesday, Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes talked about exporting US natural gas as “spreading freedom gas throughout the world.”

Keep reading the release, and you’ll find another official calling natural gas “molecules of US freedom.” No, you’re not reading the Onion. All this in a Department of Energy announcement that it’s approving exports from a new liquefied natural gas plant south of Houston.

Source: “Freedom Gas”: The Trump Administration’s Ridiculous New Plan to Rebrand Fossil Fuels – Mother Jones

Absolutely asinine!  If for no other reason, Trump and the rest of his cabinet should be removed from office for sheer stupidity!

Monsanto Compiled List of GMO Opponents, Journalists, in EU Countries


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Prior to its buyout last year, Monsanto kept a list of those opposed to GMO’s throughout the European Union.  The list included journalist and activists.

Bayer bought the Roundup maker in 2018 and released the details of Monsanto’s list in an effort to appear transparent.

Individuals in at least 7 European nations are on the list.  Legal efforts are underway to contact those who are on the list.

Many European countries have GMO labeling requirements.



Warren Goes To “Ground Zero” of Opioid Epidemic: Unlike Other Candidates, She Has A Plan


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Tug River Valley with the town of Kermit on the right side of river, top of photo.

Presidential Candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren went to Kermit, West Virginia, which is called “ground zero” of the opioid crisis.  But unlike many of her fellow candidates who speak in political rhetoric, Warren actually has a plan of action:  hold big pharma execs accountable.  She’s talking hitting them where it hurts:  taking money out of their greedy hands to fund treatment and prevention as well as jail time for corporate execs who criminally dump thousands of opioids on America’s communities.

Speaking of which, the small town of Kermit, West Virginia, had over 12 million opioid tablets dumped on it.  The town has a population of only 406 people, according to the  2010 census.  So that is roughly 30,000 tablets for every man, woman, and child in Kermit.

Here’s Warren speaking to residents of Kermit (Source:  Daily Kos):

We need to hold those executives personally liable. I’m talking handcuffs and perp walks,…People didn’t get addicted all on their own, they got a lot of corporate help. … They got a lot of help off of corporations that made big money on getting people addicted and keeping them addicted….My view is you’re not the ones who should pay for it, it’s the people who made the profits who should pay for it,…

Read More:


Pathetic or Dangerous?


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Attorney General William Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a demonstration of what a totalitarian takeover will look like if allowed to continue.

Barr shirked his duty as AG.  He outright lied.  He stalled, wasting time, on certain questions, pretending not to hear the question or quibbling over simple words.  And refused to answer other questions.

He has truly become Trump’s fixer.

The question is:

Is Barr just a pathetic weak man, broken by Trump?

Or, is Barr a dangerous torch-bearer to usher in a tyrant?

Although it is possible that Barr is just a weak broken man who became dazzled by the supposed wealth and power of Trump & Family, we must remember that Barr is not a newbie to the position of Attorney General:  he served as AG under President George H. W. Bush.

Barr knows how to be Attorney General, he knows the Law, he knows about serving in Government.

Rather, it’s possible that Barr may see himself as “hero of the Trump tyranny” – twisting our system of law and order to suit his strongman leader.

Right now, we must consider that Barr is dangerous.  Barr has pretty much destroyed his previous reputation.  Those pundits who assured us that he would uphold the institution of our laws are now disappointed and sorry.  These same pundits tell us that Barr will now go down in history as infamous with an asterisk next to his name.

But these pundits may be wrong again if we’re not careful because Trump and his followers are already rewriting history by turning lies into an aberrant truth through social media.

Barr may be looked at as a hero in Trump’s distorted version of history.

It is now time for all members of Congress, both parties, to take this seriously and impeach Barr.  We can’t wait for 2020 to play politics and sort this out.  Barr is corrupting the very core of our Democratic Republic – our Law.  No more time for politeness or playing politics or looking to polls for the next election.  Before it’s too late, Congress must begin impeachment, starting with Barr!