2016: The Year Republicans Admitted They Want the U.S. to be a Fascist, Christian Theocracy


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The difference between Trump and Cruz is that Trump is a self-made business person is has made a fortune and Cruz is a professional politician. I worry less about Trump than Cruz because of this. Cruz would go along with the crazies and turn this country into a fascist theocracy if given the chance because he is an ideologue who really believes this crazy nonsense. Trump would not go along with the crazies for the simple reason that it would not be good for business. Instead of the “stop Trump” campaign, it should be more “stop Cruz.”

The Age of Blasphemy

2016: The Year Republicans Admitted They Want the U.S. to be a Fascist, Christian Theocracy

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By Allen Clifton

What gets lost in the media’s obsession with all things Donald Trump is the fact that the alternative to him is Sen. Ted Cruz, someone who I think is far more dangerous than “The Donald.” As I’ve said plenty of times before, Cruz is basically everything bad about Trump – but even more radical.

At least with Trump you get a slight glimmer of common sense when it comes to health care and Social Security. Plus Trump isn’t exactly “Mr. Religious,” even if he’s pretending to be to pander for votes. However, Ted Cruz is a religious radical who has a history of putting himself and his own ambitions before anyone else, including his own political party and the country.


This is someone who’s so unpopular that he’s done what almost nobody…

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George Will: Wants GOP to Sabotage a Trump Nomination


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George Will takes in the game as the Washington Nationals defeat the St. Louis Cardinals at RFK Stadium on Labor Day, September 4, 2006 Source: commons.wikimedia

Bill O’Reilly called George Will “a hack” because Will attempted to use his influence to prvent the publication of “Killing Reagan” – an excellent book.

And now that Donald Trump is about to be nominated, Will is again attempting to push his influence around by calling on GOP party members to sabotage Trump by having him “lose 50 states” a deserved “punishment” for Trump’s lack of “manners and grace,” according to Will.

Never mind that Trump is far ahead in votes from the people, guys like Will are used to getting their own way and manipulating the process – that is until Trump came along.  And that is the real reason that Will, and others of his ilk, hate him and are now desparately acting out like three-year-olds taking a temper tantrum.

But, if that is not enough, Will ends his rant by saying that it’s okay to let Hillary win because the GOP can just “confine her to a single term.”  Hey George, that tactic was already tried and failed the Republican Party – it was called the second term of Barack Obama!

Read more here: The Washington Post: If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House – The Washington Post

Prisons Are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People | The Nation


A burgeoning arms industry brings the war home.

“They started out by using MK9, which is a form of pepper spray. They put a fogger attachment on it, to pipe it into the cell. Then they used a mixture of OC and CS. Then they fired beanbag rounds into the locked cell with a shotgun. Then they upped it to Sting-Ball grenades. They threw two grenades into the cell—a cell that’s approximately 80 square feet. They did all of this back to back to back, without stopping. And then they go in and they use physical force, and they put him in a restraint chair for eight hours.”

Source: Prisons Are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People | The Nation

Chernobyl: Post Nuclear Disaster


Science fiction has depicted strange worlds following a nuclear disaster.  But, in real life, Chernobyl shows us how nature manages to go on after humanity evacuates a region following a nuclear accident.

Thirty years after the meltdown, the region previously thriving with hotels, amusement parks, and other people pleasures is overrun with all sorts of thriving wildlife and flora.  Some say that the radiation has caused genetic mutations, but still the area is alive with everything except humans, who must wear protective gear to enter the area.

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  1. The Washington Post – 30 years after Chernobyl disaster, camera study captures a wildlife wonderland
  2. U.S. News – At Chernobyl and Fukushima, Radioactivity Has Seriously Harmed Wildlife

Prince Wrote Song About Black Donald Trump




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Prince Once Wrote A Donald Trump Song And It Is Spectacular
BuzzFeed ^ | April 22, 2016 | Megan Apper

Posted on 4/22/2016, 2:48:04 PM by monkapotamus

Outside of his own hits, the late Prince was famous for having writing, instrumental, or production credits on other artists’ albums.

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Discrimination Lawsuit Can Move Forward Says Appeals Court




The Washington Post is reporting that a high school junior’s discrimination lawsuit against his school discrct can move foward, negating the lower court’s ruling:  Source: Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward – The Washington Post

Kasich:  Not in Touch With Reality




John Kasich is living in the past:  a past where rape survivors were blamed for the crime committed against them; where it was the woman’s fault, for how she looked or what she was doing, that provoked a man to violate her.

In a town hall today, the GOP candidate (and Ohio governor) responded to a question from a young woman who is a first year college student about how, as president, he would address the epidemic of campus rape and violence.  Kasich told her to “not go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”   He also told her that he doesn’t even want “to think about it” when it comes to his two daughters.

Governor Kasich is not in touch with facts.  As the CNN film The Hunting Ground made clear, campus rape and vioence is a lot more complicated than just telling women to stop going to parties.  Some campuses not doing enough to protect students.  But even if they are, to even consider that assault is somehow provoked by the person who is assaulted is ludicrous as well as very offensive.

The GOP is going to have to do better if it has any hope of winning women’s votes.

Read more here: John Kasich: ‘Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol’ – CNNPolitics.com

The Case in Favor of Bernie Sanders



H. A. Goodman makes the case for a Bernie Sanders nomination in the Huffington Post, not by talking about possible indictments so much, or FBI investigations.  But by spelling out the facts – that Hillary Clinton is not the right candidate to represent the Democrats and Progressives.

The world has moved on from the 90’s but neither Hillary, nor Bill, has bothered to notice the changes in the Party and the People.  And poll numbers reflect that Hillary is doing badly.

The Superdelegates are the only factor keeping her in play.  Will they defect?

Goodman says that maybe not so soon, but they will possibly have no choice, if they want to save the Party.  Read more here:  Bernie Sanders Will Become Democratic Nominee Even If Clinton Leads in Delegates

1994 Revisited?


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A new article in The Nation by Bruce Shapiro brings into sharp focus Hillary’s involvment in the disastorous 1994 crime bill which mass incarcerated African Americans, many families still suffering the consequences.

After Bill Clinton flipped-off Black Lives Matter protesters, claiming that they just wanted to get on TV, he is now walking it back.

But is it too little too late?  Or, rather, is it that both Clintons have not realized the the country and the Democratic Party have moved on from the ’90’s and cannot be as easily manipulated by slick-talking politicians?

To quote Sharpiro:

The Black Lives Matter protesters who confronted Bill Clinton this week weren’t trying to get good television. They were trying to get good leadership.

Read more here:  The Nation – Nothing About the 1994 Crime Bill Was Unintentional


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