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Source:  New York Times – Opinion

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NY Times article by The Editorial Board reveals an apparent (?) “typographical error” in some of New York’s Rennselaer County absentee ballots shocked voters by replacing a “b” with an “s”:

Voters who wanted absentee ballots in an upstate New York County were surprised to see the name of the Democratic Presidential candidate. On the ballot, it read “Barack Osama.”

Major oops or dirty trick?

After the Albany Times-Union newspaper revealed the problem ballots on Friday, the Rensselaer County Board of Elections inisisted that the rendering of Barack Obama’s name was a simple mistake, and insisted that it was included on “only 300 of more than 4,000″ ballots.

“The board of elections acted quickly to correct the typographical error and regrets the error,” the board said in a statement. “The error was not deliberate and the Board of Elections is continuing to fairly manage the upcoming General Election in a bi-partisan and cooperative manner.”

I suppose it might be possible that the mix-up is really an “error” but I highly doubt it; I mean unless the person doing the typing did it in the dark or perhaps the person was illiterate and can’t read the difference between an “s” and a “b” BUT I still don’t think so because if it was some kind of error due to a bad typist:

  1. There would have been a lot more errors than just these two letter; and,
  2. Proofreading would have and should have caught all typos.

Besides, the “s” and the “b” on the keyboard are, as most of us know, not even next to each other so, no, I don’t think it was so accidental but instead it was someone’s mean-spirited stunt.

If you click on the link below and scroll down to the end of the short Times article, you’ll see in the comments section that a lot of other people think it wasn’t an accident either and, apparently, the County Board of Elections in the upstate New York received lots of surprised and angry calls (see link inside articles block quote above).

Hatefulness is alive and unfortunately well in this election year!

Um, That’s Obama with a “B” – The Board Blog – NYTimes.com