The ads promoting clean coal are everywhere -there’s even a video promoting it with cute little animated coal characters singing Holiday carols – all in an effort to convince us Americans that coal doesn’t pollute and in an effort to get us to support more coal-powered plants.

An environmental organization, however, says enough is enough!

Reality Coalition has produced a TV spot of their own in their efforts to get the truth out about coal.

This Is Reality | Watch the TV Spot

Reality Coalition’s Brian Hardwick, in an e-mail previewing the TV spot, says that it’s important that Americans understand the real facts regarding coal as we consider “a new course on energy” and that the idea that the coal industry is using clean technology is a “false illusion the coal industry is promoting.”

According to Hardwick, “not one American home today is powered by a coal-burning plant that captures and stores its carbon pollution” and, as a result of releasing their pollutants rather than capturing them, as they claim, Hardwick says that coal plants “are responsible for a full third of America’s carbon dioxide pollution.”