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The word “change” was the mantra for both parties in last year’s elections but Obama impressed us, during his campaign, as the only candidate who took the word seriously enough to reverse the puffed-up, stubborn, and failed policies of the previous Administration and truly respect the American people.

Today, Obama made good on his promise to change how things are done in D. C. by admitting the he “screwed up” in not vetting his cabinet nominees thoroughly enough.

Tom Daschle, Obama’s nominee for HHS Secretary, announced today that he asked President Obama to withdraw his name for consideration after Dashcle was found to be in serious IRS tax trouble.  Daschle is not the first nominee with tax problems but his are so serious that he felt it would be better to take his name out of nomination rather than have the press focus on him and his problems instead of the tasks at hand including fixing Amercan health care.

Obama took responsibility for mistakes in his decision making (see video):

After years of stubborn rebuttal and defense of mistaken decisions – even in the face of outright and obvious failures (i.e., the decision to invade Iraq; that the “fundamentals of economy are strong” during the financial meltdown), it’s a relief and feels like a breath of fresh air to actually hear our new President taking responsibility for not vetting his nominees thoroughly enough. 

To take responsibility and admit your mistakes is what a “big” person does, as we were told when we were children; but, most importantly, admitting mistake is the first step to fixing the situation rather than just continuing the downward spiral into failure.