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President Obama, in a video message today, warned that we cannot delay on passage of the Economic Stimulus Package.

Saying that the American people “inherited a terrible mess”  Obama warned that delay in taking action would put our jobs “at stake” and could result in America falling “short $1 trillion” in production this year.

Admitting in the video that Washington is “slow” President Obama said that “we must act boldly” by ridding ourselves of “worn ideas and tired theories.”

Obama cited that 2.6 million jobs have been lost this year already and unless something is done, it will get a lot worse.  Addressing concerns about pork, Obama said that he will appoint an Inspector General and a “cabinet level oversight board” to make sure that the money goes where it’s supposed to go.

“More importantly,” President Obama said in the 4-minute video, “I’ll enlist all of you” … “because change never begins from the top down.”  As soon as the recovery plan is signed into law http://www.recovery.gov “goes live and you’ll be able to see where your tax dollars are going,” Obama said.

For additional information on what the Economic Stimulus Package does, Obama referred to a video presentation by Virginia Govenor Tim Kaine who, after a brief introduction in the 13-minute video, answers questions from taxpayers about the program.