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Equal Justice for Troops blog.

Arlen Specter has been trying, since 2007, to work with the Republican blockheads in the Senate to cease their resistance to a bill that would provide the same equal protection under the law for our Military as every other American citizen.

What’s even worse about these Republican members of the Senate is that these same individuals who would deny our soldiers the right to appeal to the Supreme Court have already allowed our enemies that same right of appeal!

Specter has tried, while as a member of the Republican party, to reason and work with these extremists.  But, like many of us, he probably knows now that these new Republicans no longer reflect the ideals of Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan.  Most shameful about this is, where is John McCain on this issue?  Remember that McCain is a Veteran and former POW who claims he stands up for our troops!

By joining the Democrats, however, Specter may give the Democrats the necessary power of the vote to finally pass this important law that would bring equity to our honorable members of the military.

So much for the Republican claim of supporting our troops!  It amounts to no more than a wave of a little American flag while shouting “Go get ’em boys!”  Sports fans support their teams better than that!

What really bothers me the most about this is that  currently the law looks at our enemies with greater equity than our troops!  Why would anyone who calls themself an American dishonor those who defend us by denying them their due rights?