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ACORN is being accused of forcing their workers to meet a daily quota of registering voters or they would be fired.  This, according to Nevada authorities, amounts to voter fraud and charges have now been filed on 39 counts against two former ACORN employees.

ACORN – Association of Community Organizations and Reform Now – was accused of misdoing last year during the Presidential race.  ACORN’s spokesperson, Scott Levenson, is using the same excuses as last year.  By blaming its hired help and claiming that ACORN itself is the victim, ACORN is trying to steer public opinion away from the potential voter registration fraud by blaming their employees for turning in “bogus forms,” according to Levenson.

These new Nevada charges, however, point directly at ACORN’s policies including a bonus compensation called “Blackjack” which paid employees an extra bonus amount for obtain 21 or more registrations in one day.

The Nevada investigation grew from original complaints regarding voter fraud.  The Clark County Registrar of Voters filed a complaint after receiving a number of voter registrations, tied to ACORN by serial number, which appeared fraudulent.