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President Obama has reversed his position on the release of photos showing alleged abuse of prisoners, which were set for release just a few days from now on May 28. 

The photo release was in response to a lawsuit from the ACLU and depicted disturbing images which could have been used in anti-American propaganda to recruit terrorists.

President Obama, in reversing the release, cited national security and potentially endangering our troops.

Good for him:  Obama may be beginning to listen to reason, finally, rather than special interests!

These photos, if released, could do no good but instead, fire up anti-American anger in Iraq and other hot spots.  If Obama’s Admininistration and the current Congress are not going to prosecute or take any legal action against what they might feel to be abuses of power, then they should get off the subject and move forward:  photos, memos, and anything else from the previous Administration have been selectively chosen, up until today, to please left-wing special interests and to cater to anti-Bush sentiment here in this country.  It’s time for Obama to realze that, unless he’s serious about pursuing his predecessor on charges, these actions are childish and serve no good purpose.