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You have to give MSNBC’s Chris Matthews a lot of credit as a journalist; he really makes his show “Hardball” live up to its name!

Yesterday, he conducted a double interview with two men about those controversial prisoner photos which the President, also yesterday, said he was reversing his decision to release.

These two guys which Matthews was interviewing couldn’t be further apart.

Anthony Romero is ACLU’s Executive Director and “the top guy” there, according to Matthews.  Pete Hegseth is the Chairman of Vets For Freedom and is evidently the number one person in that organization, and, he is also an Iraq War veteran.

Both of these gentlemen, though vastly differing in their positions, had valid points regarding this issue of prisoner abuse and these photos:

Romero’s and the ACLU’s push to release these photos isn’t something that just happened overnight or since the Obama election.  According to Romero, “We’ve been fighting it for 6 years,” he told Matthews.  Romero suspects the orders for abuse coming from up the chain of command and has “incontrovertible proof” that abuse “worse than Abu Ghraib” occurred, he explained to Matthews.  If there has been wrongdoing – especially if came from on high – then it cannot be swept under the rug.  Romero has a valid argument in this respect that the truth needs to come out.

Hegseth is concerned about potential danger to American troops in the field if these photos go public.  And this is also valid because America does have enemies out there who will use these images, if made available to the public, as propaganda tools to recruit those who would attack our soldiers.

After the usual wrangling back and forth which, we all know, gets nowhere, Matthews evidently sensed, because he is an excellent journalist, a common thread and he changed the tone of the interview with one question:

“Is there any way to find a middle  ground?” Matthews asked both gentlemen at the same time.

The results are surprising and should be actively considered by the Obama Administration and Congress.

Here is the video link: 



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