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An article in the NY Times yesterday highlights the push by some in Congress to set cap and trade as our new energy policy as this:

“It is a steel fist of regulation covered by a velvet glove of emission trading,” Mr. Montgomery said. “Why not just impose a carbon tax?”

W. David Montgomery, by the way, who said this to the NY Times was the author, in 1971, of the concept of cap and trade in his doctoral thesis.

Whether they call it a carbon tax or cap and trade, these are still just the same old tired Washington ways of doing nothing.

Why not really bring change, as promised this time, by actually fixing the problem of our being dependent on foreign oil?

The government could offer tax incentives to power companies who convert to natural gas.  They could offer incentives to companies who look for ways to increase natural gas production like, for instance, from the conversion into gas from cities’ garbage.  They could look to power production from water, and many more ideas.

But instead, they still buy into the special interests which keep us dependent on oil!

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