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Even though Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada is not very popular right now, especially in his home state, his claims of being ignored by the President because of partisanship are ringing true.

In a telephone interview yesterday on “Cavuto,” the Republican governor said that President Obama “ought to be ashamed at what he’s done to working people in our state.”

Gibbons is speaking his mind publically because the President, who will be coming to Las Vegas for a Harry Reid fund-raiser, passed on a request for a meeting with the Governor.

Governor Gibbons and other Nevada officials, including Las Vegas’ Mayor, want answers from the President over remarks made in February about Nevada which, they claim, hurt Nevada’s convention business, a major industry.

The disparaging comments from Obama took place at a town hall meeting February 9, 2009, in Elkhart, Indiana, in responding about the Stimulus Package money.  Obama, in referring to potential abuse by company executives, said, “You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas” with the government money.

After these comments, several major companies who had conventions or business meetings scheduled in Las Vegas cancelled their events causing not only a loss of money but jobs of local citizens who work at these events.

Gibbons said regarding the Reid money-raiser that Obama “wants our money but discourages business.”

Gibbons, and many here, believe that the President needs to address the job-loss issue above all.  His refusal to meet with the Republican Governor appears purely partisan and belittles him.  If the President went to another country and refused to meet with that country’s President, it would be an outrageous offense.  A Governor is like the “President” of his or her State, and likewise, the President should meet with the Governor, especially if requested to to do.

Obama told us during the campaign that part of his “change” would be a new era of non-partisanship.  He told us that it didn’t matter what party someone belonged to; that he would be there to meet with them, and address issues.

Oh really?

With all due respect, President Obama, it is time to live up to your words and meet with Governor Gibbons; put the partisanship aside and sit down with him, even if it’s just for a few minutes!