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How outrageous that an employer, in this case a Texas hospital, would remove an employee’s American flag because someone else found it to be “offensive!”

But that’s what happened to Debbie McLucas who is a supervisor at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield, Texas.  Her daughter, Lillian, is serving in Iraq and, to honor our troops for Memorial Day, Ms. McLucas brought the flag to her office which she shares with 3 other supervisors.

Last Friday, right before the holiday weekend, she came to work to find her flag taken down.

It seems another supervisor had found the flag “offensive,” according to a local TV news channel covering the story.

This incident is another of several cases of denying what should be our right to fly the flag!  We saw this happen in home owners’ and condo associations where people have been told to take down their American flag because it violates decor rules or some other silly excuse.

The plain truth is that it is hateful and un-American!

This latest case may be a good time to consider telling our lawmakers to write it into Federal law that no one can deny another from flying or displaying the American flag!

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