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After 5 months of silence, former President George W. Bush finally spoke at an appearance yesterday in Michigan and is scheduled today to speak in Canada in a joint appearance with former President Clinton.

Unlike his administration’s partner, former Vice-President Dick Cheney, Bush did not verbally attack the current Obama administration or its policies.  However, Bush made a point of defending his own decision-making and also offered solutions, if Obama is listening, to current problems including world poverty.

“We should care about poverty” globally “for our own self-interest,” Bush told the audience, according to the Detroit Free Press.  Bush explained his reasoning that our self-interest is served because fanatics “can only recruit when they find hopeless people.”

In Michigan, Bush talks of war, economy | Freep.com | Detroit Free Press.

Thurday’s appearance was “semi-public” and the “media was allowed to attend but not record” the event, according to the Dallas Morning News.

George W. Bush ending his public silience with pair of speeches | DallasNews.com | The Dallas Morning News

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