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Obama touted his “Paygo” plan this morning in an effort to look more fiscally responsible in the face of what many perceive to be out-of-control spending.  But what’s “Paygo?”

Simply, “Paygo” means “Pay as you go.”

“Pay as you go” sounds good until you think about the billions being spent already on pork – er “stimulus” – programs, and Obama’s future plans for more billions on health care and for his increases in entitlement programs.

Even though Obama is supposedly pushing Congress, to make himself look good to the public, insisting that “for every dollar” the government spends, another has to be cut somewhere else, that’s not his reality.  What “Paygo” really means is higher and higher taxes for all of us still working to support an ever increasing “nannie” society.

Link:  Politics Today: Obama To Talk “Paygo” | Political Hotsheet – CBS News.