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As Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain said on Twitter, “Obama has more czars than the Romanovs – who ruled Russia for 3 centuries.”

Evidently, Obama doesn’t agree that he’s overdoing it naming “czars” to control every aspect of American life; this morning he named a pay czar to control what America’s publically traded companies can pay their executives, according to Fox News.

In what many are perceiving as a power grab by the Executive Branch, Obama now has appointed over 20 “czars” who are independent from the other branches of government and who answer to no one other than Obama himself.

Obama’s czars have pretty much absolute control over their particular area or sector.  We now have czars for a number of things including the auto industry, energy, and now what people get paid.

For the President, this is a quick and thorough solution to get things his way because, by naming a czar to run things, and naming a person who will only answer to him, he avoids tangles with Congress and the Courts.

Instead of naming czars, with all due respect Mr. President, you should be looking to your Cabinet!

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