In his first job as a reporter 15 years ago, Douglas Hanks, who now writes for the Miami Herald, saw the hatred first-hand from the man who shot and killed a security officer at the Holocaust Museum yesterday in Washington, D. C.

Hanks had been working for a paper in Easton, Maryland, that was investigating anti-Semitic programming on the local cable access in 1994 when he interviewed James von Brunn, the suspect gunman in yesterday’s shooting.

Von Brunn at that time, evidently, didn’t want his hateful intentions known so “he protested to the paper’s publisher,” according to Hanks.  See link below:

Miami Herald reporter had run-in with Holocaust Museum suspect – Breaking News – Dade – MiamiHerald.com 

It’s clear that the signs were there and that this guy was planning something all along.  How many other hateful nutcases are out there waiting to strike?  The problem is how we respond when things like this happen.  Instead of dealing with it for what it is – it is hate carried out by someone who hates – we try to rationalize it as something else and make it the fault of someone else.  I heard commentators later on yesterday, after the original breaking news had passed, who tried to put the blame on everyone else – everyone except the person who did the shooting!

Hate doesn’t take sides, it’s not right or left, conservative or liberal, or anything other than what it is:  hate is hate.

And hate is only the fault of the person doing the hating.  That’s it!  We must as a society address the fact that there are haters, and there probably always will be.  Haters are not the result of events, environment, or anything else:  they just hate.  Even today, I’m still hearing what seems to be excuses for this shooter, that he had money problems, etc.  No way!  Many of us have money problems and other challenges we deal with everyday; that doesn’t make us violent.

It’s time to stop politicizing hateful acts.  I know that a lot of these commentators are used to spinning everything to one side or the other but when it comes to hate, these guys have got to come together and focus their energies where it belongs:  blame the hater, not anyone else!