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David Letterman apologized to Governor Sarah Palin,  her family, and those in the public who were offended on his show last night saying that he was “sorry about it and I will try to do better in the future.”

Sticking to his story that his joke about Palin and her daughter was “misunderstood,” Letterman apologized for what he recognized was poor-taste attempt to get a laugh at the expense of someone else.

Was it enough?

Probably not, but with Letterman, last night’s mea culpa is all you’re going to get, which Governor Palin recognizes because she accepted his apology this morning.

Letterman admitted that he intended a slam against Palin and her older daughter; he admitted that prior to the show last week, he did some fact checking to make sure the older daughter was over 18 years old.  He also indicated that he didn’t know that Palin had a daughter at the ball park with her and thought she attended alone.

Letterman’s remarks about Palin’s daughter were worse than just bad taste, they were hateful and I believe deliberately planned.  I don’t buy that Letterman didn’t mean it, chalking it up, as he wants us to believe, as a misunderstanding; Letterman should have known better; he is a seasoned entertainer and he is also a parent.

But to get more of an apology out of him than what we saw last night?  No, because you can’t bleed a stone.