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ABC News has responded, in a letter, to RNC Chair Michael Steele’s accusations of bias, claiming that, “In the end, no one watching, listening to, or reading ABC News will lack for an understanding of all sides of these important issues,” according to the letter which is posted on abcnews.com.

We’ll see.

As you probably already know, ABC plans to broadcast a one hour primetime special next week to address issues regarding President Obama’s health care plan.  But Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele is calling foul because ABC is refusing to accept advertising during the special from certain conservative-based organizations that want to use ad time to present opposing views.

Steele is accusing that ABC News intends to “make Barack Obama’s case for nationalized health care for him,” according to a fund-raising letter from Steele to Republicans to counter what Steele believes is bias from ABC News and other media outlets.

ABC News says that the reason it is not accepting ads from Republican or conservative groups is because of “a long-standing policy…ABC does not accept advocacy ads,” according to USA Today.

Again, we’ll see.

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