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The great debate on health care reform is underway in Washington.  Despite what has become an aggressive, in-your-face PR campaign by President Obama for his government-run plan – including an ABC special to promote him and his plan next week (see this) – questions and criticisms are rising rather than abating.

It’s no surprise that Obama doesn’t have much support from the Republicans, but he may now also be losing support from his own side of the aisle.

Moderate Democrats – concerned about their own political futures and re-election – are now backing off from throwing total support behind Obama Care.

Rising costs, as high as $2 trillion over the next ten years, plus the real danger of health care rationing are major concerns that have to be addressed.  Older Americans who are not yet eligible for Medicare may see insurance rates for themselves rise as much as five times because of their age, according to a U. S. News & World Report article.

Obama may want to jam his health care bill through Congress because the longer it takes, the more questions will be asked along with the loss of his political capital, but lawmakers, who are our representatives should not give way to pressure from the White House.  The message to lawmakers – including the Democrats – is to go over this plan slowly and carefully; we don’t need another money pit that does nothing except raise our debt.

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