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It seems that President Obama’s promises of change have turned into more how many times Obama can change his mind!

The latest change for the president is to quietly reverse his campaign pledge to allow a 5-day public review period online for all bills before he signs them into law.

“Now, in a tacit acknowledgement that the campaign promise was easier to make than to fulfill, the White House is changing its terms” about when it will post bills, according to the New York Times.

Obama, in his five months in office, has “almost never” waited the promised period before signing 24 bills, according to the NY Times.

Obama, having been a U. S. Senator prior to running for the Presidency, should have known about any “unexpected technical hurdles” which the NY Times reports is the White House’s excuse for not following through with public review for bills.  It seems now that candidate Obama was only interested in saying what he thought we wanted to hear, to get our votes.

Change?  No, more just another vote-seeking politician.

White House Changes the Terms of a Campaign Pledge About Posting Bills Online – NYTimes.com