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Citing that Obama’s “cap and trade program will result  in massive increase for all consumers,” the Ohio Senate passed a resolution on Tuesday opposing the federal legistlation, according to the Star Beacon in Ashtabula, Ohio.

In what many are now viewing as the biggest increase in taxes in the history of the world, Obama’s environmental policy of cap and trade would affect every area of everyone’s lives and place taxes and excessive restrictions on food, energy, clothing, and even what kind of trees can be planted and where they can be planted.

Acknowledging that cap and trade would cause an increase in expenses for every American citizen, the U. S. Congressional Budget Office agreed that lower income income people would be hurt the worst by cap and trade.

“CBO has acknowledged these increases in energy costs will act as a regressive tax and affect every household in the nation, according to the Ohio Senate resolution,” as reported in the Star Beacon story.

Regression or “regressive” taxes, which have been acknowledged by the Congressional Budget Office for cap and trade, are particularly severe on people in lower income brackets because these kinds of taxes take a larger share out of their income.  Someone who makes more money has less of a chunk coming out of their income and therefore is more able to afford necessary goods and services.

Cap and trade has already passed the House and is now being considered by the Senate.  In addition to taxes (the rates will increase year after year and take more money out of people’s pockets) on all goods and services, including food, this legislation now being considered by the U. S. Senate would place hundreds of restrictions on our daily lives, require us having Federal inspectors into our homes, and would ration water and electrical energy.  The bill which passed the House prohibits anyone from selling their home until a Federal inspector approves it for sale; if the inspector rejects the home, the home owner would be required to make expensive green retrofits to the home.

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Star Beacon story link: The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio – Resolution opposing cap and trade adopted by Ohio Senate Tuesday.