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While most major media are swarming L. A. for the Michael Jackson funeral today, Congress is quietly moving forward with cap and trade legislation which, if passed and signed into law, will become the largest tax increase in the history of the world and drive up prices on everything we need and use.

The Senate Environment Committee convened today to discuss, in a question and answer session, the legislation which already passed the House.  Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R) was interviewed this morning.  Later today, Mayor John Fetterman (D) of Braddock, Pennsylvania, is expected to share his views with the committee.

While Governor Barbour is concerned about the expense of cap and trade, Mayor Fetterman is all for it.  Braddock, a former steel town in Western Pennsylvania, will benefit from cap and trade because of the benefits to former steel workers.  Even though no American steel will be used in the electricity-producing windmills, Fetterman says, “I sure hope it passes.”

Watch this afternoon’s session at cspan.org.