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Citing costs that “may exceed $5 million,” Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, working with the city attorney, is demanding AEG pay the city for the expenses for the Michael Jackson funeral at the Staples Center yesterday, according to an interview on Fox News’ “Your World With Neil Cavuto.”

The city had to provide police and anti-terrorist units plus close roads and freeways yesterday to accomodate the event.  The city in running a deficit over $500 million and the state of California is in trouble, unable to pay its bills.

Zine said that AEG, who globally promoted the event and who stands to make a lot of money because of it, should pay back the city.  Crowds lined the streets and virtually brought commerce to a halt yesterday.

“These are clearly people in the middle of the day who are not at work,” Zine told guest host Brian Sullivan.  “We have many, many memorial services.  Nothing – nothing has ever matched anything like this.”

Zine indicated that the city will not go after the Jackson family, allowing them to mourn in peace, but that the promoters of the event which he said contained a “concert component” – namely AEG – should be “held accountable, held responsible,” Zine told Sullivan.

“It was well-orchestrated.  And they have gained so much publicity for Staples, for AEG, ” Zine said.

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