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In a sharp and intelligently-written op-ed in the Washington Post, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin nails the argument against Obama’s Cap and Trade legislation which even the most liberal readers will have to consider.

Calling Obama’s plan “Cap and Tax,” Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate, makes her case that this environmental legislation, in its current form, “would undermine our recovery over the short term and would inflict permanent damage” by driving up prices on energy and consumer goods as well as result in massive job losses.

Palin is sharply critical of Obama’s openly admitting that his Cap and Trade legislation will “necessarily skyrocket” electricity rates which will impact everyone including lower income people.

Palin, who will soon step down as governor, is convincing in making it clear that cap and trade is not the only solution to environmental issues and that other alternatives, including incentives, will free us from foreign energy dependence as well as improve the environment.

“We have an important choice to make. Do we want to control our energy supply and its environmental impact? Or, do we want to outsource it to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia? Make no mistake: President Obama’s plan will result in the latter,” Palin says.

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