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Mayor Oscar Goodman is “angry and upset” at the vandal or vandals who defaced the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign with graffiti over the weekend but is backing off from earlier statements for a public punishment, according to a spokesperson at the mayor’s office.

Las Vegans woke up Monday morning to discover that someone had painted red lettering in the white background.  The sign is a landmark, in place since the 1950’s, and a tourist picture-taking spot.

The mayor was quick to speak out against whoever committed the defacing, calling for a public punishment including putting the person or people, if caught, into stockades.  But his earlier statements were more a result of outrage than actually calling for a public penalty of putting the perpetrators into stockades allowing the public to paint their faces.

“He’s angry and upset,” a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said today.

When asked about an estimate of what it will cost the city to repair the sign, the spokesperson said that the sign “is actually on county property” so the city itself will not be footing the bill

As far as catching and prosecuting whoever vandalized the sign, the mayor’s spokesperson said the mayor will be involved.

“He’s very active,” the mayor’s spokesperson said.  “He would participate in the judicial system.”