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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D - California)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D - California)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to rally legislators to move forward on Obama’s health care by declaring that everything’s okay and on schedule and the Congress is acting with “wholesome dynamism,” according to Fox News.


Pelosi appears to be in denial of the truth.  The Democrats’ expensive health care reform legislation, which could cost $2 trillion or more inside a decade, is losing ground fast.  The bill  barely passed 2 committees – one by only 5 votes and the other by 4 votes.  A bipartisan group of six senators, including Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, is warning that they will not  be bullied into rushing the legislation through.

But yet Nancy Pelosi acts as if nothing is wrong!

Democrats, including the president, know that they have to act fast if they have any chance of getting this bill through.  The president’s popularity numbers continue to decline as people are waking up to the fact that Obama is all about spending and no real change.

Obama, with Pelosi’s support and Harry Reid in the Senate, is demanding that both houses of Congress ram his health care bill through before the August recess but it appears that more Dems are now bucking the president’s orders.  Democrats in both houses are now realizing that if they go along with the president, they will lose support at home with voters.  And, after all, each member of Congress is more concerned about keeping their own power rather than complying with the President, their party, Reid, or Pelosi.

Link: House Democrats Use Key Votes to Rally Support to Health Care Plan, Despite Hurdles | Fox News