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New poll numbers show that the majority of Americans now oppose Obama’s plan for healthcare reform because of concerns about negative changes to their own healthcare programs if the government option is put in place plus the likelihood of tax hikes on the middle class to pay for it.

A new Rasmussen poll from Friday, July 17, 2009 shows that only 35% percent of voters favor the government-run option which is down from 41% from a national poll taken just a few weeks earlier in mid-June.  Voters expressed concern about the cost which would ulltimately raise taxes on the middle class.  They also fear that their own healthcare program would be changed because of government intrusion.

Nevertheless, President Obama is insisting that debate over his health reform end and that the Congress move quickly forward to pass the legislation, wanting it on his desk to sign into law by the August recess about two weeks from now.

At Childrens National Medical Center in Washington, D. C., today, Obama called for ending the debate saying, “We’ve talked this problem to death,” referring to the complicated issues, like costs into the trillions,  surrounding healthcare reform.

Obama is proving to be more of a typical politician rather than a statesman.  Rather than the inspiring leadership Obama showed as a candidate during the elections, he is now resorting to the old standard of fear mongering to try to get his political way in Washington.

Obama fearfully stated as fact that “more children will be denied coverage” unless we pass his program now.  Obama evidently conveniently forgot another fact:  the  SCHIP program, which our tax dollars pay for,  makes sure that all children can get medical care whether or not their parents can provide or afford private insurance.

If trying to scare about the “children” wasn’t enough, Obama continued the fear, saying that “jobs will be lost, take-home pay will be lowered, businesses will shutter.”

For all the fear Obama is dishing out, however, it doesn’t appear to be working.  Over the weekend, more moderate Dems joined the growing chorus of naysayers against ObamaCare.

We can only hope that these lawmakers continue to be skeptical about this massively expensive program and that they don’t buckle to Obama’s scare tactics!