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Public opposition to Obama’s expensive health-care reform is putting pressure on Washington lawmakers.  It’s not just Republicans now who are questioning the viability of the massive program expected to cost the taxpayers trillions.  Democrats, who are getting a earful from folks at home, are now backing off their support of the president’s plan so much that it now appears that President Obama will not get his way of a bill on his desk by the August recess.

Earlier today, the House Energy Energy and Commerce Committee, one of three committees who are charged with marking up the bill,  going over it line by line, cancelled its session indefinitely.  Blue Dog Democrats, who are conservative when it comes to government spending, are bucking the plan and refusing to cooperate with Democrat leaders.  (Read story here.)

House majority leader Steny Hoyer (D) of Maryland is now saying that it’s unlikely that they will reach agreement before they go a month-long vacation in early August.  (Read story here.)

Obama, meanwhile, is now making daily appearances to try to push support for his plan.  While the House cancelled its committee session, Obama appeared once again from the White House Rose Garden to promote his health plan.  Can you say “hustle?”

Speaking of feeling like Obama is trying to “hustle” the American people, watch Neil Cavuto’s commentary from yesterday, July 20.  He likens what Obama and supportive Dems are doing to a slick car salesman who “hustled” Cavuto, when he was a young man, into a bad deal on his first car.  (Watch video here.)