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President Barack Obama; Source:  WikimediaPresident Obama has been taking a lot of heat lately as last night’s news conference evidenced by the tone of the questions and their follow-ups.  But his answer to the final question of the session may have helped restore him in the eyes of Americans.

You might recall that Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested last week by Cambridge Police after breaking into his own home.  Evidently, he was arrested inside his home for disorderly conduct for attempting to show the police officer his ID to prove he was at his own home.

President Obama, who admitted he was friendly with Gates, said “any of us would be pretty angry” at the circumstances, opining that the police in this situation “acted stupidly in arresting” Gates “when there was already proof that”  Gates was not a burglar.

Obama then pulled no punches by getting straight to point about the ongoing problem of racial profiling in this country.  The President pointed out the “long history in this country” of targeting people based on race.

Good job, Mr. President!  Many in your position in the past would stand on rhetoric and political correctness without really addressing the question directly.  You set a high example and won me back that we elected the right person!

Sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge Police called the President’s remarks “disappointing” and refused to apologize.