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UPDATE:  CNN is reporting that the House just passed $2 billion extension to keep CARS “Cash for Clunkers” going; Senate expected to vote later.

Cash for Clunkers” – the $1 billion taxpayer-funded program for new car buyers – is already out of money after just one month!  Democrats are trying to infuse the program with $2 billion more of our tax dollars by the end of today to keep it on the road through the weekend!

The program, you might remember, gives buyers up to $4,500 for their trade-in on a vehicle that is more environmentally friendly.

Giving the impression that our tax dollars are removing smoke-belching eyesores from the road, the Car Allowance Rebate System, or CARS, is really designed to stimulate auto sales.

Qualifiedvehicles don’t necessarily have to be a “clunker.”  In fact, many high-priced luxury vehicles qualify for the money:  to qualify for the money, your trade-in must get 18 MPG or less.

Here’s what some are saying about “Cash for Clunkers”:

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