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Advocating more fruits and vegetables in children’s diets is a good thing but a non-profit’s delivery of that message is wrongly off and sets a bad example.

The White House is justifiably upset over a health advocacy’s reference to the President’s two daughters in 14 posters which have been distributed across a Washington train station.

Children, including the President’s children, must be off limits…no matter what.

Even though the President’s daughters are not referred to by name, nor are their images shown, the reference is clear to the private school that they attend and the difference in their diets that they get at school, at least according to the posters, than public school kids.

Two White House attorneys, according to ABC News, have contacted  PCRM and asked them to remove the posters which show the image of a school-age girl who asks why she doesn’t get the same school lunches as the President’s daughters.

The posters look like they are supporting the Child Nutrition Act, but if so, why would this organization anger the President who supports the Act already?

“…the Child Nutrition Act, which regulates federal nutrition programs, is up for reauthorization later this year. By making our children’s nutrition a top priority, we can help assure a healthier future,” according to the White House website.

PCRM has no comment on what they will do.  Their headquarters was not taking any questions today.

While we wait on Washington to approve more vegetarian options for school lunches, here is family-approved quick recipe for faux hamburgers (download is free).