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For those who have followed President Obama’s rise in politics, it’s not a secret that Obama has always been for a single-payer health-care, or universal payer, system…that is, until recently.

Concerned about his party’s 2010 re-election and opposition from big-money health insurance interests, President Obama has appeared to change his position to one that would allow choice of private insurance along with a public option.

But, the change away from universal single-payer may be for appearance sake only if HR 3200 passes and is signed into law.

Section 102 A of HR 3200 (on Page 16) prohibits private insurance companies from accepting new members after the law goes into effect.


11 (A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in

12 this paragraph, the individual health insurance

13 issuer offering such coverage does not enroll

14 any individual in such coverage if the first ef-

15fective date of coverage is on or after the first

16 day of Y1.

Essentially, anyone who is not covered by private insurance on the day that this law goes into effect – if it passes both houses of Congress and is signed by the President – will have to become part of the public option.

This link has more info:  Obama’s slippery transition to a single-payer health care system | Culpeper Star-Exponent.