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It was the dream of Senator Ted Kennedy that every American have qualilty health care.  And it’s no secret that Kennedy put his faith behind Barack Obama to get it done (remember that Kennedy “passed the torch” to Obama during the 2008 Democratic Convention).

Now, with the passing of Senator Kennedy, President Obama must step up to the plate to get healthcare reform done.  To do this, he’s going to have to unite Democrats by using his leadership to honor the life-long dream of Kennedy.

The only way to really to provide healthcare for every American is with a single payer system.  Democrats must get together to stand up to the myths and propaganda created by healthcare industry lobbyists.  They must also be ready to stand up to Republicans especially in the Senate (let them filibuster and make a spectacle of themselves in front of the nation if necessary!).

The United States is the only modern developed nation in the world that doesn’t provide healthcare for its citizens through a single payer system.  The reason we don’t is because too many of our lawmakers are intimidated by big-money healthcare industry interests.  If the Dems compromise on this issue by dumping the public option or by requiring all Americans to buy a private insurance plan (or be penablized through taxes), the American people will become the pawns of these big-money interests who will be forever more enriched at our expense.

With President Obama’s leadership and Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress, Americans can free themselves of healthcare lobbyists who are only interested in bottom line profit if – and only if – President Obama leads the way and the Democrats stand united, tough, and strong.

House bill HR 676 and its Senate equivalent S 703 will provide quality healthcare for all of us.  By clicking the links you can read these bills for yourself (online or download the pdf).  For those who want to keep their private insurance, they can opt out of these plans (similar to people who send their kids to private school and opt out of universal education).

Read this for more information:  Hudson Reporter – Support single payer health care.