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A group of Oregon physicians are planning a tour across America to get the word out about what may really be going on behind the scenes in the health insurance reform debate.  Advocates of a single payer healthcare system, these doctors are calling attention to the influence peddling by big money interests in the health insurance, hospital, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical industries to steer voters away from real reform.

The doctors, according to Oregon’s gazettetimes.com, are concerned that the current legislation under consideration is playing into the hands of industry lobbyists, especially now because of talk of dropping the public option.  Without a public option, they fear that “What (reform) will do instead is mandate that we buy a faulty product, which is health insurance,” they told gazettetimes.com.

The doctors, who call themselves the Mad As Hell Doctors, told gazettetimes.com,

“’What I’m mad about is not health care,’ said Paul Hochfeld, the Corvallis emergency room physician who heads the delegation. "What I’m mad about is the way our political process is being manipulated by the industry."

The way Hochfeld sees it, heavy campaign contributions and intensive lobbying by insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, hospitals and the American Medical Association have taken single-payer off the table in the reform debate in Washington…

What the Mad As Hell Doctors hope to do…is to educate citizens on the problems with the current health care system and bring the single-payer option back into the reform discussion.”

Link to gazettetimes.com article:  Mad As Hell Doctors hit the road for health reform