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Senator Max Baucus (D – Montana), who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, is stalling on health care.  His is the only panel (out of 5) which has not been able to move a health care bill out of committee for general consideration.

Baucus’ excuse is that he is reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans in the spirit of bipartisanship, but this may be more of a ruse to hide his real reason for not working with the President and other Democrats.

According to a Think Progress article from last July, Baucus has received heavy contributions from major players in the health care industry including pharmaceutical Schering-Plough Corp ($86,200), biotech Amgen Inc ($65,250), and health insurance giants Blue Cross/Blue Shield ($62,350) and Aetna Inc ($51,250), among others, to the tune of over $591,000!

It’s no wonder that Baucus  insists that any Public Option in the bill will not pass the Senate and that his Finance Committee bill doesn’t include one!  It’s also no wonder that Baucus wants to force every American family to purchase a private insurance plan (with no public option choice) by inserting language into his bill that will fine uninsured families up to $3,800 if they don’t have a private insurance plan!

Click this link for the list of all contributions that Senator Baucus has taken from the health insurance industry:  Think Progress » Max Baucus receives considerable contributions from health care industry.