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Senator Max Baucus (D - Montana) Chair of the Senate Finance Committee; Source:  Wikimedia.org The awful bill that Max Baucus unveiled yesterday received absolutely no support from Republicans, even though Baucus caved into all their demands.  But more importantly, it appears now that Baucus has lost support from his fellow Democrats including President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean.

The President, speaking this morning to college students, came out in strong support of the public option in clear contradiction to the Baucus Plan.  Obama, to allay fears about a public option which have been generated by propaganda and false statements that this vital element to reform will lead to government-run health-care, told his audience that the public option is “only an option” that will be available.  Obama emphasized that no one will be forced to change or give up their current coverage if they’re happy with it.

The President also said that those wishing to keep their current coverage will see improvements as they won’t have to fear being dropped by their insurance companies if they get sick or for a pre-existing condition.

Nancy Pelosi also came out in strong support of a public option and indicated that the Baucus model for health-care reform will not pass the House.  “I fully support the Public Option,” Pelosi said, “The Public Option will be in the bill…from the House of Representatives.”

Pelosi, in a statement, said, “The House bill clearly does more to make coverage affordable for more Americans and provides more competition to charge lower premiums and improve coverage.”

Tactfully, Pelosi said of the Baucus bill that it “will move this historic debate forward.”

To be sure, Baucus has re-ignited debate on what healthcare reform should look like.  But, at least right now, both parties seem to be in agreement that the Baucus Bill is a no go.

The Baucus Bill is bad, requiring up to a 13-percent automatic deduction from everyone’s paychecks which will be paid directly to private health insurers.  With no public option to select from, every American will be forced to purchase private coverage.  If they don’t comply, or can’t afford it, they will be fined almost $4,000 by the Federal government.

There are no cost controls on these private companies who will enjoy a gravy train at the expense of every American citizen and legal resident.

Older people can be charged up to 5 times the cost for the same coverage of those younger, according to the Baucus Plan.  Baucus also allows insurers to charge additional payment for co-payments, deductibles, and other charges in addition to the automatic paycheck deduction.

It is only a matter of time, as more become familiar with the details, that more Democrats come out against the Baucus Plan because it is far from the sought-for reform.

Howard Dean, however, isn’t wasting any time and isn’t mincing his words.  The former DNC Chair quickly called it “the worst piece of healthcare legislation I’ve seen in 30 years” and asserted that Baucus allowed health-care corporate interests to write it.

“It is written by healthcare lobbyists,” Dean said referring to the Baucus Plan, “so that’s not a surprise.  It’s an outrage,”  according to U.S. News & World Report.

Indeed, Baucus’ bill is far from health-care reform:  it is instead a clear giveaway to the corporate health insurance companies which will indebt every American citizen, via their paychecks, to pay up or be fined up to $3,800!

Baucus, who has been heavily funded by the health-insurance moguls, created a massive money-grab machine for the corporate healthcare insurance industry with little control or oversight.  If his plan becomes law, the health insurers, who already abuse the American People, will enjoy 47-million new “customers” who will be forced to submit to them.

While leaders from both parties are coming out against this travesty, the health insurance companies have been strangely silent about Baucus and his plan even though they have been speaking out, through Fox tea-partiers, on all the other proposals!

No kidding!  These insurance companies are salivating over the real possibility of enforced purchase of their product by every American citizen and every legal resident, whether or not they provide quality, whether or not they perform, whether or not they treat people fairly!  They are delirious over the prospect of millions of new victims added to their rolls.

The 47-million Americans who will be added to the insurance companies’ registers cannot be called “customers” because they will neither have a choice – with no public option – and they will have no control or say with whom they do business because there will be no competition.  They will not be able to cancel or change coverage if they are unhappy or treated unfairly.

Expect propaganda to favor the Baucus Plan.  Expect television news pundits and, yes, even some politicians to spin the benefits of this program.  Expect those who are benefitting from health insurance special interests to work at manipulating us to accept this bill.

The healthcare insurance industry is mobilizing now, you can bet on it, to get Baucus’ plan accepted.  And they will use any form of manipulation, fear tactic, and propaganda necessary.

The health-care insurance companies will be the only ones to benefit if Baucus’ plan, without a Public Option, passes Congress.  If the Baucus bill, as it stands right now, becomes law, we, the American People – and that means every one of us, will lose!