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Let’s hope that this memo gets through to those Senators on the Finance Committee. We need healthcare reform in this country but a giveaway to private insurance companies, requiring everyone to purchase their product, with no other choice, is not the way to go!
Most Americans – left, right, or somewhere in between, realize this, that the greed and abuses of private insurance companies are why we need reform now. But enriching these insurance – through a private mandate – WITHOUT AN ALTERNATIVE (like a public option) will do absolutely nothing to force these companies to change. That’s why we need the public option to compete against them.
Lawmakers need to get their acts together and work through the problems regarding the public option.
One of the major sticking points against the public option is its potential cost to the taxpayers. That’s a real concern, and it should not be on the back of the taxpayers.
The public option shouldn’t be taxpayer funded…it should be self-supporting, meaning that an individual choosing it would have to pay a premium for it just like with a private plan.
If lawmakers can put together a self-supporting public option – which will require people to purchase it and pay premiums, the same as they would do with a private insurance policy – this plan would probably be acceptable across the board.
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