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“The high cost of health care in the U. S. is the direct result of greedy insurance companies, with their high overhead and over-the-top salaries and bonuses for their executives,” says Joe Lombardo in letter to the editor of New York’s timesunion.com.

Mr. Lombardo clearly points out the problem of why the current attempts for health care reform will not work to reduce costs for the American people:  the insurance companies, who will profit from the current proposed legislation, will continue to sap Americans.

The letter cites a recent study comparing America’s health care to other nations who have a single payer system which is not even under consideration in the current legislation.

“Health care costs more in this country than any other place else on the planet,” Mr. Lombardo points out in his letter to the editor of timesunion.com, “because we put the profits of the corporations above the needs of the people.  The only way to remove the insurance companies –the Number One enemy of meaningful health care reform in this country — from the equation is to adopt a single payer system.”

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