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This time, all politics was local – CNN.com.

CNN published an article focusing on yesterday’s seemingly surprising election results which they summed up in four words:  “All politics is local” – a phrase which CNN credited originally to former Speaker Tip O’Neill.

If you didn’t catch any news last night, incumbent  Governor Corzine lost his re-election in New Jersey to the Republican in spite of the fact that Obama campaigned for Democrat Corzine.  In New York’s 23rd District which is conservative, the Conservative candidate lost to the Democrat.  You will recall the controversy of the Republican candidate being forced out of that race and also out-of-state big-mouths like Sarah Palin campaigning for the Conservative, yet their guy still lost last night.

These results seem surprising only to those who don’t understand the unique character of the American People.  And to those who think that they can bring out political and/or media heavyweights to sell us on a candidate.

The CNN article is well written and makes a very important point.  But will those in Washington be listening?  If those now in Washington hope to stay in power after 2010 and 2012, they might want to carefully consider yesterday’s results and Speaker O’Neill’s insightful words.

It’s time that ALL the politicians in Washington, including Obama, realize that the results in NY’s 23rd District and New Jersey are  NOT unique.  If Washington politicos think that they can roll out big wheels on either side – be it Palin, Thompson, or even Obama himself – they may be sadly surprised by the election results.

Americans are not all the same, and we resent anyone thinking that we are!  We reject being boxed into “right or left” or “liberal or conservative” corners.  The American people are reasonable and can share a mixture of views.  Yesterday’s elections results demonstrate this.  And they also demonstrate something else too:  that the American People are waking up to machinations of big-power politics!  Those who would want to continue controlling Washington may discover that they are voted out or power in 2010 and 2012.

Americans can’t be “sold” on a politician using marketing tactics like famous celebrity endorsements and glitzy ads.  Our votes are not for sale.  Commercials, endorsements, media hype tends to turn us off.  We’ve been disappointed too many times in the past by glossy, glitzy candidates who fizzle out once elected.  We want to know what a candidate is truly for or against, who they are as people, and how strong their character is.  These are traits that can’t be boxed into a glossy PR campaign!