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With the passage of a health reform bill over the weekend which was hardly reform, American voters have become starkly aware of the lack of choice we face from those who represent us.

The Democrats, who we trusted for “change” in 2008 are as bad or worse than the Republicans.  The health care bill the Dems passed last Saturday night is hugely expensive, will be bad for business, will raise taxes, and, worst of all, will  penalize good Americans who can’t afford a high-priced private insurance policy.  The legislation passed by Pelosi & Company goes to the extent of punishing average Americans by sending them to prison if they don’t comply with the will of the private health insurance industry!

The Republicans haven’t done any better!  They had 6 of the last 8 years to do something about the health care crisis so their criticism has, for the most part, an air of hypocrisy.

Two things are glaringly obvious about both the Democrats and the Republicans.  (1).  They both agree to disagree with each other to divide the American people into two halves; and (2).  Both parties have leaders and influential powerhouses who are in the pocket of Wall Street and big-money.

The Republicans did nothing about health care during their tenure to please the health insurance industry.  And the bill the Democrats pushed through the House is a gift to that same industry!

While it’s certain that something be done about health care, neither side has the solution.  There are good ideas coming out of both sides, but they are usually promptly shot down by the leadership of both parties.

The House will completely be up for election next year and every member will have to face voters in his or her home district.  2010 may finally see Independents and other alternative parties filling those seats!