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Even though the Democrats’ attempts to reform health care is wrought with problems, the Republicans’ bashing of the Democrats and the proposed legislation has more of an air of hypocrisy than sincerity and appears more pretentious than real.

There is no argument that the health reform that many of us voted for is turning out to be a watered-down mess.  Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stripped the public option from the bill that would have competed against the insurance industry powerhouses.  And the bill has now morphed into a 2,700-plus page monster with questionable additions to benefit the states of key Senators to secure votes.

But the Republicans bang the same old tired drum that “their plan” was not heard or listened to by “the majority” and that they were not not given an opportunity to participate in reform.


What were you Republicans doing for at least six years during the Bush Administration? Remember, you were the majority then and you had a friendly White House, so why didn’t you do something then?

This health care crisis isn’t anything new.  Costs have been steadily rising and it has been known since the 1990’s that the American health care system was heading for trouble.

The Republicans are now vying for votes and favor after a disastrous performance.  They are posturing to appear that they have ideas to cure health care.  But why didn’t they legislate their ideas into law when they had the majority and a willing President with Bush?

The Democrats aren’t above criticism; their caving into one or two Senators by stripping key parts of the legislation along with back room deals is not going to sit well with voters in the coming elections.  But, they are, at least, trying to achieve a start at reform which could be improved over time.

I would accept the Republicans’ objections more if they had at least made an attempt when they were in power.