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What Happens to Health Care Reform if a Republican Wins in Massachusetts? – Greta Van Susteren | On The Record With Greta – FOXNews.com.

Greta did an in-depth inquiry, last night,  into how the Dems may try to shove Obamacare through on the sly in the event that the Republican wins in Massachusetts.  The fact, as her guest pointed out, that Harry Reid and his party are still even thinking about ways to pass this monstrosity is indicative of how out of touch the Democrats are and why they should all be voted out!

This Massachusetts seat was a given for the Democrats – in their control for 58 years! – and that it is now up for grabs is proof that Americans, including those in “blue” states, are unhappy with the current set of lawmakers.  Voters have numerous concerns about Democrat Martha Coakley, but the main issue, according to polls and interviews, is a protest against and refusal of how the Democrats have handled healthcare reform.

Even if Republican Scott Brown loses today, Democrats in the House and Senate should take heed if they care about keeping their seats.  Instead of caving into pressure from the White House and special interests, they should open up to what the voters, their employers, want, if they want to keep their jobs!