When it comes to politicians, it never ceases to amaze how shamelessly bold they are when it comes to money and power!

Take Obama, for instance…

After insulting the city and the people of Las Vegas, Nevada, not once but twice, Obama will be coming out here to raise money and try to win votes in the 2010 elections!

Obama’s warnings to businesses not to hold conventions or meetings in Vegas cost a lot of people here their jobs so they don’t have any money to donate to Harry Reid’s re-election campaign (Reid is not doing well even so because of his handling of healthcare and other issues).

Obama may find himself not welcome here.  A local poll indicates that the majority of folks here don’t want to go to his town hall meeting when he’s here:  Details of President Obama’s trip to Las Vegas released – KTNV ABC,Channel 13,Las Vegas,Nevada,News,Weather,Sports,Entertainment,KTNV.com,Action News .:..