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Is it just me?  Or did anyone else see the pretentiousness in Obama’s face as he sat, restless and talking to others , while only appearing to listen to the Republicans when he knew the cameras were on him?

Today’s healthcare summit is a desperate, last-chance attempt to convince us that Obama knows what he’s doing.

Obama’s lack of sincerity was obvious in his behavior which he couldn’t hide from the cameras.  He cut off Republicans to go instead to Democrats who favor his agenda.  The worst moment was his petty response to former rival Senator John McCain; he sounded like a catty schoolgirl!  McCain, on the other hand, was big about it and just laughed the incident off.

If Obama was sincere about working with all sides – something he touted in the campaign – then this summit should have happened at the BEGINNING of reforming healthcare, not now as a last-ditch effort.

The 2,400-page monster bill will profoundly change American life as we know it if it does become law.  Every American will be forced to purchase a private insurance product under penalty of fine and even jail.  Forcing citizens to buy products is something that has never been done before and will set up a dangerous precedent;  the government will then be able to force us to buy anything, anytime, to spur the economy or certain industries.

Former Senator Alan Simpson, on Fox’s Cavuto, has the right idea about this mad rush to healthcare reform; it’s all about the “entitlements” which are going belly-up.  It’s not about the sob stories or the fear tactics, but more about saving the economy.  Medicaid and Medicare are bankrupting the nation and will not be sustainable in a few years.  The real reform, as Simpson explained, concerns making hard changes in these entitlement programs – something that Obama and the Dems siding in with him are not willing to do.

Upon closing today’s summit, Obama made good on his threat that he’ll shove this bill down our throats if need be; proving that his “bipartisan” summit was nothing more than political theater.  He gave the Republicans, and resisting Democrats, a matter of “weeks” to come up with something on his desk.  If not, he’ll take his own “actions” and, if we don’t like it, Obama finished by saying  “that’s what elections are for.”