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“Now’s the time to make a decision,” President Obama called for “a simple up or down vote” thereby entreating Democrats to use Budget Reconcialiation to pass the massive Obamacare into law.

Obama said his new proposal comprises “three things:”

1. End “pre-existing conditions” by regulating insurance companies to not deny anyone or drop anyone;

2. Give the “unisured the same kind of choice that members of Congress get for themselves ” by creating an “insurance market;”

3.  “Would bring down the cost of healthcare for millions” although Obama wasn’t clear as to how this will happen.

Obama is adamant about getting his health care plan passed; he says he believes it is “right” even though the majority of Americans are opposed to the government takeover of our private lives.

Obama still insists that his plan “brings down our deficit,” citing the Congressional Budget Office, even though his figures are questionable because of double accounting.

Using the same old, tired tune that health care is high because the uninsured are “forced to go to the emergency room at about $1,000 per family,” Obama had doctors in white coats (which the White House issued to them for appearances sake prior to the speech) who nodded approval as if on cue.  Obama didn’t mention that this bill will do nothing about the illegal immigrants who regularly use hospital emergency rooms for everything (they will not be covered by this plan nor will they be mandated to carry insurance, as we will).

Here are three things which Obamacare will do if passed:

1.  Obamacare will fundamentally change who we are as Americans because it will force all of us to purchase a private insurance policy from one of the corporate giants, whether we want to or not.  His plan will enforce by penalty of law, including fines and jailtime, that everyone prove to the Feds that they are covered by a policy which has been “approved” by the central government.

2.  Obama’s plan will create panels who will have oversight of our lives from cradle to grave; these panels will determine what treatments we get and when.

3.  Obama’s healthcare plan will create a healthcare “tzar” who is unelected and literally above the law.  This healthcare tzar cannot be held accountable by Congress nor the Supreme Court; he or she will be answerable only to Obama.

It’s time to back off from this healthcare plan, which is a power grab over our lives.  Leave healthcare to individuals and to the 50 States to decide.

In the Republican response, Senator Mitch McConnell said a vote on this by Democrats in the Congress will not be the end.  Mcconnell called it “a national referendum” referring to the fact that Americans are overwhelmingly, on both the left and right, against this healthcare bill.