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Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D - Ohio):  Source-Wikimedia Commons

Ohio's liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich makes major switch to Yes vote on Obamacare.

“After careful discussions with the President and Speaker Pelosi,” Dennis Kucinich explained, “I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation” thereby pretty much sealing the deal for Obama care.
The Ohio Democrat, who is as liberal as they get, spells a key victory for Obama who rode Kucinich aboard Air Force One on Monday for a town hall in Ohio.
Kucinich had been opposed to Obamacare because it contained no strong public option; he has been, and still is, an advocate for single-payer universal healthcare similar to European models.
Saying that “I do not retract those criticisms, I have doubts about the bill,” Kucinich explained that “the President’s visit to my district underscored the urgency” of the healthcare crisis.
Kucinich’s district in the Cleveland area has been hit very hard economically; his district office, he said doubles as a “social service” center where he intervenes to help constituents who have become unemployed and lost their healthcare.
“I understand the connection between poverty and healthcare…Health and healthcare is personal for each one of us,” Kucinich said defending his change of heart.
It will be interesting to watch how this affects Kucinich, his political career, his district, and Ohio in general. Wonder what Obama really offered him aboard the Presidential plane?