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“No, I’m a no vote,” is how Democrat Bart Stupak answered the direct question this morning on Fox News as to whether his vote on healthcare legislation had changed to yes.

Referring to the earlier announcement from Ohio’s liberal Dennis Kucinich, who changed his firm no into a yes, Stupak is holding firm because of his major concerns that the current legislation will use taxpayer money to fund abortions.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the Democratic majority would like to fund abortion,” Stupak told Fox’s Megyn Kelly this morning.

Congressman Bart Stupak (D - Michigan's 1st District):  Source - Wikimedia

Bart Stupak (D - Mich.) authored the Stupak Amendment which the Senate expunged from the current legislation. Stupak is still a firm no because of his belief that Obamacare will fund abortions.

Stupak cites “page 2070” of the h.c. bill which, he says, will provide public funding for abortions.  That page of the bill reads, in part:

(b) Special Rules Relating To Coverage Of Abortion Services.-

(1)   Voluntary Choice Of Coverage Of Abortion Services.–

Stupak also refers to page 237 regarding tax credits and cost sharing which, he feels, will apply public money to abortions.  Stupak got into a dust up last week with party leadership who he said “want to fund abortions.”

As of this morning, he is not backing down from that view:  we’re with him!