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“I have my work cut out for me” is how  Dennis Kucinich explained his decision to change his long-standing “no” to “yes” for health care reform.

In an interview shortly before Sunday’s historic vote, the Ohio Democrat told Esquire that no one other than his wife knew he had changed his vote until he announced it publicly last Tuesday.

“”I did not notify the White House,” Kucinich said, putting to rest any rumors of a possible deal made on Air Force One, “the White House found out about it when I announced it from the press gallery.  Because I just felt that this had to be a decision that I made on my own, without any coaxing one way or another.”

Kucinich told Esquire that his work is just beginning now that health care reform is law.  His concern was that defeat of the bill would create a “gridlock” where nothing could get done.  He said his concerns included that it took “sixteen years after the demise of the Clinton plan” and was facing the reality that there would be no turning back for at least twenty years if reform failed again.

Kucinich is still unhappy with the fact that this new law includes “for-profit” companies which he calls “quite predatory.”  He will still continue to work to legislate a more universal system that he feels is more equitable and offers more solutions for the American people.

“I have my work cut out for me now in continuing the effort toward a much broader approach to health care reform,” Kucinich said, according to Esquire, “which would include attention to diet, nutrition, complementary alternative medicine, and empowering states to move forward with single-payer.”

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