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BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC and other news outlets are reporting a gas line has been cut at the home of the brother of Virginia Representative Tom Perriello after the address was posted online.  The address was posted on a Tea Party website as the Democrat Representative’s residence, not his brother’s home.  Perriello is one of the Democrats who Sarah Palin targeted on her hit list yesterday on her Facebook page (link:  http://www.facebook.com/notes/sarah-palin/dont-get-demoralized-get-organized-take-back-the-20/373854973434).

Federal and State authorities are investigating this morning’s gas line rupture in addition to threats against other members of Congress and their families.

These events come just one day after former Alaska governor and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin posted gun-site cross-hairs on her Facebook page with a hit list on Democrats to target; she also tells followers on her Twitter page to “RELOAD!” and then refers them to follow up on Facebook which depicts a map of the United States with rifle targets on twenty locations and a corresponding list of twenty members Congress below it.

One of the people who Palin targets – using rifle cross-hairs to a location in Virginia –  is Representative Perriello.  Other representatives are also reporting threats and vandalism.  Representative Gabrielle Giffords said a glass door was broken at her offices in Tuscon – she is also on Palin’s target list.

Protest and disagreement is part of our American system.  But violence and threats of violence is not!  Sarah Palin is going too far!

Palin has a PAC and is trying to build a base for a possible run at the presidency in 2012.  She is playing to the angriest and potentially the most ignorant in our society to gain her voting base.  But she is playing with fire:  anyone with half a brain would back away from gun-sites and hit lists!

If harm comes to any member of Congress or to their families, Sarah Palin should be held accountable for inciting violence.