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Nevada’s Republican Governor Jim Gibbons is accusing President Obama of being the reason that his fellow Republican governor in neighboring Arizona had to sign that state’s controversial immigration legislation into law.

Accusing the President of acting “shamelessly,” Gibbons blamed him and the Democratic leadership for border problems and illegal immigrants, according to local Las Vegas television station KTNV.

Shamelessly?  Governor Gibbons, with all due respect, I would say that you are acting “shamelessly” in what is clearly partisan politics as usual.  Lest you forget, Governor, the problems at our borders did not begin with Obama.  Bush, another fellow Republican of yours, had eight long years to do something about it…and he did nothing except possibly make things worse.

Obama has clearly stated that he is unhappy with our current immigration policies and has set it as a goal of his Administration to begin workable reform.

It’s time to quit playing politics.

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